Gardening by Cuisine with Patti Moreno is a half-hour TV series focusing on easy ways to grow your own food organically and make fresh healthy recipes your family will love. Gardening by Cuisine stars urban edible gardening expert Patti Moreno ( & Public Television), the most watched garden video host online.  She brings you into her organic vegetable garden in the city and shows you how to create a low-maintenance food garden that produces the right amount of vegetables, fruits, and herbs families will actually eat.  Patti shows you everything you need to know to grow more food in less space with minimal work using her modernized urban appropriate raised bed gardening technique where she groups her plantings according to different cultures’ vegetables from Asian to Italian.

In each episode, you’ll learn how to grow a popular vegetable, fruit or herb and Patti teaches you how to plant and grow one of her 12 signature cuisine food gardens in a raised bed.  Then with the homegrown organic harvest in hand, Patti brings you into her kitchen to make a family favorite healthy recipe so you can make the most of your garden bounty.  Apartment dwellers do not fear.  Patti covers all the bases by including container food gardening tips in every episode as well. So if you have a patio, a balcony or window box you too can “Garden by Cuisine.”

The TV Series is scheduled to air 13, half-hour episodes nationally on public television in Spring 2013. The series is the companion video to Patti’s new book Gardening by Cuisine being published by Sterling Publishing in early 2013.

Watch the Pilot Episode