Creator of, Patti Moreno, the “Garden Girl”, was born and raised in New York City. She started gardening 12 years ago to eat healthier and lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy. After much trial and error, Patti transformed her Boston home’s backyard into an urban garden that produces just about all the fresh vegetables her family eats during the growing season. Her innovative methodology can be used to grow food in small spaces, roof-tops or even indoors. Patti lives in Boston on her urban farmette with her family, two cats, 1 dog, 8 rabbits, 7 chickens, worms, squirrels, and fish.

Patti is rated the most watched Garden Host on the web by Tube Mogul, an independent third party tracking service.  Patti has served as a contributing editor to Fine Gardening’s GROW Magazine, a columnist in Organic Gardening Magazine, a contributor to Farmers Almanac, Boston Globe Correspondent, and a contributor to Huffington Post.  Patti appeared as the co-host for the public television show, Growing a Greener World in 2010.  Patti has appeared on the NBC Today Show and spoken at garden centers across the country.  Her videos and articles also appear on and  Her newest DVD release is Square Foot Gardening made in collaboration with Mel Bartholomew, the inventor of square foot gardening. Her half hour show Gardening by Cuisine will air on public television nationally in 2013.

Patti has worked as a producer of media for over 15 years including feature film’s including Squeeze released by Miramax Films, commercials for fashion Designer Elie Tahari, and the award winning independent feature film Turntable, the feature documentary, Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome.  Patti is also co-producer of the documentary Do It Again, a Michael Moore style film that follows Geoff Edgers, Boston Globe Arts Reporter, and his quest to reunite the 60’s rock group, The Kinks.