The Producers of Gardening by Cuisine with Patti Moreno are actively pursuing underwriters for the production and marketing of the series to be broadcast through American Public Television, Spring 2013. As the supporting corporation you will benefit from this unique and comprehensive marketing opportunity, which includes a 30 second television spot in all 13 episodes of the series, that is played every time the show is broadcast; placement on Patti’s top gardening websites; as well as product placement in Patti’s companion book, Gardening by Cuisine. Combined with the reputation and national influence of public television, underwriters can expect to reach an eager new audience of millions nationwide.

This is a unique marketing opportunity that also includes the following:

  • Product placement and ad space in the TV series companion book and associated promotional materials, as well as logo placement on handouts and posters.
  • Web integration, including banner ad placement on websites, and
  • Personal appearances by Patti Moreno at two live business to business trade show or direct to consumer events as a spokesperson for the series sponsor.
  • Digital media ad placement, including but not limited to DVDs, digital downloads, mobile apps, etc.

Why Do Organizations Underwrite Public Television Programs?

  • To Promote a Brand Image: By sponsoring a program aired on American Public Television, viewers begin to recognize a brand and associate it with quality in educational broadcasting. Not only does the underwriter’s product gain the attention of a national audience, the corporation is also given a positive image as a supporter of commercial-free programming and community growth.
  • To Stand Out: Because public television programming is uninterrupted by commercials, underwriter spots stand out as single, dedicated supporters of a specific program, and are not lost in a plethora of commercials and products. The brand and product are more memorable to the viewers and are presented in a more relevant and dignified way than in traditional commercial advertising.
  • To Share an Audience: Underwriters of Gardening by Cuisine will have the benefit of sharing Patti Moreno’s already well-established fan base through placement on her websites, DVDs and other media, as well as the opportunity to grow together through the new TV series and companion book to reach an ever-expanding demographic.

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